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Clayton Preschool - Newsletter of March 2016

Posted 25/3/2016

Hello parents, I hope you have felt welcome and enjoyed the first term so far. This newsletter is designed to inform you about the activities of the kinder and contains some important information.


Hello everyone, and welcome to Clayton Preschool. For some of your children this will be their first experience of kinder, and for others they will be returning for another year.

What an exciting time in our little people's lives! It is so lovely to watch them gain their own independence, make friends on their own, learn new things and experience new activities. Thanks to our wonderful teachers for making it all happen! We are all so proud to be a part of such a diverse and vibrant community.

 There are plenty of ways that you can help to ensure that our kinder remains the fabulous place that it is. Firstly, there are several fundraising opportunities throughout the year that we need help with, either by donating your time, purchasing raffle tickets, attending events or donating items to assist with things like Bunnings barbecues. Anything that you can offer is greatly appreciated, and please know that by helping you are contributing to the much needed raising of funds that help our kinder to operate.

You can also contribute in other ways, by volunteering your time for parent duty, helping with excursions, donating useful items to the kinder (please ask the teachers if you would like to know what is needed), taking home the weekly washing, or helping with the clean up at the end of term, and the year.


We will be having a social night which a date is yet to be confirmed

This night is a great way to meet other parents from all of the groups and to enjoy yourself in the kinder space. In previous years the parents and children have thoroughly enjoying themselves at this event and I encourage everyone to come along for a good night. The details of this night will be announced soon. Hopefully, most of you will be there.

Clayton Preschool is part of the ‘Bestchance' kindergarten management cluster. Essentially this means that ‘Bestchance' act as the licensee and employer at the preschool. The committee is the governing body with responsibility for the 'day to day' management of the preschool - including budgeting, accounts, maintenance of preschool equipment, fundraising and social events.

Our committee for 2016, as elected at the Annual General Meeting last year, are from the parent community, and are as follows -


POSITION:                      NAME:                  PARENT OF:



Alfie (Red group)

Vice President


Castiel (Red group) & Alice (Blue group)



Atticus (Blue group)



Joshua (Green group)



Ved (Blue group)



Leah (Blue group)



Vinuki (Green group)




Vihaan (Red group)

Hayley (Red group)



Alfie (Red group)

Thank you all in advance for helping to make 2016 a fun and productive year at Clayton Preschool. 

Please feel free to speak to a council member in your group and speak about any issues, or just say hello.


Adam Mitchell                         Council President 2016

Allan Howell                             Vice President 2016


Teachers Reports:

3 Year old groups:


Dear Parents,

Wishing you and your lovely children a warm welcome into the 3 year old program.  So far it has been super busy, exciting and wonderful getting to know your child and family members. 

The children have begun to settle into the routine very well and it has been a smooth transition so far.  Thank you for your patience and for all the help we have had to settle the children into their new learning environment.

The children have loved the emergency vehicle Lego, playdough making (blue group), stories, dancing and singing and lots of water play with bubbles, baby dolls, water wheels and scoops. 

The language and new friendships that are emerging are one of the highlights of the month as the children seem very comfortable with one another. 

The reflection diary is now available for your perusal before and after the session – please feel free to talk about your child’s favorite part of the week so that we can ensure that the interest is developed further in the program.

Blue group currently has two students from Monash University volunteering their time to improve their skills.  Emily and Joyce are both enjoying spending time with your children in the program. 

And lastly, welcome to Myra who begins her journey as co-educator in the blue group this year. 

It has been a lot of fun so far!

Cheers, Rebecca and the team.


4 year old groups:


Red Group

Program highlights

We have had a busy but overall happy start to the year! The children have settled in well and are enjoying meeting up with old friends and making new ones. Red Group are becoming more familiar with the pattern of each day and are developing their independence skills.

The warm weather has enabled lots of discussion about how to take care of our bodies and how to recognize what they need. We have also explored colour mixing, practiced our hand-eye coordination with threading and enjoyed being pirates.

We wished Ancilla all the best as she went on Maternity Leave and welcomed Rajina who will be working with us for the remainder of the year. 

It has been great meeting and getting to know the children and families and we are looking forward to continuing our exciting learning journey together!

Belinda, Rajina and Gail.


Green Group

We still have 28 children in Green Group, one of whom is still overseas. 

Many of the children know what they want, and they want it now.  They are learning how to ask for what they want, and then wait.   The staff have been very busy acknowledging the children’s feelings and then guiding their behaviour.  During group-time, I have used puppets to reinforce desirable behaviour.  First I have acted out the wrong thing to do, and then, with the children’s help, acted out the right thing to do.   Puppets are a great way to engage and teach children.

Some of the children are still getting used to separating from their caregivers.  We are using several strategies including shorter sessions, and allowing caregivers to stay.  

We have had unseasonably hot weather, so much so that one of our tanks is completely dry.  We are using the other one for water activities such as making lakes in the sandpit and watering the garden. 

The children seem to be enjoying group-time.  They are responding well to the musical activities and yesterday I introduced them to drumming. 

Soon the children will have their first incursion (23 March).  It is an ecological one.  It will teach the children about the important role that worms play in their lives.  They will also learn about composting.  


Heather Roe (Green Group Teacher) 

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